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Whitehaven RLFC are a professional Rugby League club based in the English county of Cumbria that have a long history despite technically only having been established in 2010.

The club were formally known as the Whitehaven Warriors and go by the nickname of either ‘Haven’ or the ‘Marras’ (which means mates in the local Cumbrian dialect).

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The clubs home ground is the Recreation Ground, known to locals as the Recre, which is capable of hosting around 7,000 fans amongst its mostly terraced stands, although there is one main stand with seating for a few hundred fans.


The town of Whitehaven is located on the edge of the Lake District, on the coast of Cumbria, close to the Solway Firth.

That makes it a popular getaway for holidaymakers and that can see larger visiting numbers for teams playing up their during the summer months.


Whitehaven, alongside their nearby neighbours and arch-rivals Workington, have flown the flag for professional Rugby League in western and northern Cumbria, which has long been a hot bed of the sport at the amateur level.

Throughout its history, the club have managed to develop many of the biggest star sin the sport and still continue to bring through youngsters that have made a career for themselves in the full time environment.

Unfortunately, the clubs finances and the small size of the town they are located in haven’t allowed them to keep hold of those stars, which has seen them struggle for time in the top flight.


The sport of Rugby League has a long history in the county of Cumbria and in the town of Whitehaven itself with a former club in the town known as Whitehaven Recreation showing in records of the Challenge Cup from the first decade of the 20th Century.

The former Whitehaven RLFC, the club that this current club grew out of, was established in 1948 after a meeting at the Miners Welfare Clun in Kells.

The club were voted in to the Northern Rugby Football Union by just 3 votes and the club took over the lease of the Recreation Ground where there first ever home match saw 9,000 fans watch the club beat Hull FC 5-0.

The 1950’s saw a period of growth for the club and a number of players arrive from Australasia which helped them reach the Challenge Cup semi-final in 1957, when they came up just short by losing 10-9 to Leeds in front of around 50,000 fans at Bradford.

That same seaosn, the club also played against an Australian touring side where just under 11,000 fans saw them win.

The 1960’s was a tough decade for the club as they struggle don the field but things did start well when 18,650 fans packed into the Recre to set a record attendance against Wakefield in the cup.

It took until the 1969/70 season for the club to start picking up wins against the top clubs of the era once again.

The 1980’s saw a bumper crop of youngster come through the club and go onto to great things including the likes of Arnold Walker, Vince Fox, and Vince Gribbin and whilst that helped the club establish themselves in the top tier, by the end of the decade, they were back into the 2nd tier.

The start of the 90’s saw the very existence of the club be called into question as their finances were at crisis point but a group of local business men teamed with the local council to buy the majority of the club and to keep them going.

The mid 1990’s saw the creation of the Super League and the sport move to been played in the summer and that once again nearly saw the end of the club as a proposed merger between Whitehaven, Barrow, Carlisle, and Workington was proposed but with the cubs and fans alike not happy with it, it failed to materialise and the club continued.

In 1997, the club adopted the name of the Whitehaven Warriors but their on the field performances mixed with their struggling finances, left the prospect of a merger once again coming into the conversation.

Once again the club avoided merging with Workington, leading to all of their directors quitting en masse and the club once again had to find a way to survive.

Paul Cullen took over as the new manager and some on the field success was seen but he soon left to take over at Warrington and things became unstable again until 2004 when Steve McCormack took over and the club reverted back to their old name of Whitehaven RLFC.

In his first year in charge the club almost made it to the Super League after losing the grand final Leigh and in his second year the club one the league leaders shield but again came up short in the grand final to Castleford.

The club never quite managed to reach those height again and steadily moved back down the table before a poor 2010 campaign saw them drop down to the 3rd tier.

With the clubs finances always on the edge of disaster, that proved to be too much and following that relegation, the club entered administration and a new club was formed under the name of Whitehaven 2010-although they kept the Whitehaven RLFC brand and all of their history.

From then, the club have continued to move between the 2nd and 3rd tiers, including winning the 2019 League One title.

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