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The Barrow Raiders are one of the oldest Rugby League clubs in the world and have been one of the most successful Cumbrian clubs throughout their history.

The club have been known as a number of names down the years, including Barrow Football Club, the Barrow Border Raiders but since the 2002 season, the club have gone by the names of Barrow Raiders.

Barrow have signed some of the biggest stars of the sport down the years and have helped to create many of their own thanks to their academy system and the thriving junior competitions in and around the town.

The club have also enjoyed periods of success on the field with a number of titles and trophies to their name at both the national and regional level.

No matter what you know the club as, there can be no denying that the club have been at the heart of the community in Barrow-in-Furness for much of their existence and that means any news to with the club is hugely important to their fans and community.

If you are a fan of the Barrow Raiders and located in the town, it can be relatively straightforward to keep up with the biggest news stories as they are featured in local media relatively heavily.

Unfortunately for fans of the club based outside of southern Cumbria or just for those with an interest in the club, it can be difficult keep up with what is happening or at least that used to be the case as here at 13v13, we bring you all of the latest Barrow news from multiple sources in one place.

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Over the past few decades, the club have enjoyed periods of success, periods of struggle and periods where they have just been surviving and that has meant there has been lots of news coming out of the club- both good and bad.

No matter what a story is, when it breaks we will bring you all of the latest Barrow breaking news stories right here on this page.

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Published on: 2023-11-28

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The Raiders home ground is Craven Park, not to be confused with New Craven Park in Hull, which has been their home ground since 1931.

Capable of hosting around 6,000 fans when full, the ground is a mix of seating and standing although it is showing its age in a number of places.


The club are based in the town of Barrow-in-Furness in the south west of Cumbria which is known for is naval shipyards and especially for its work on the UK’s submarines.

With the town been a short drive from the Lake District, it makes for a popular getaway for fans but it a long trip for away teams which can play into the hands of the hosts.

Barrow’s castle location also can lead to wet and windy conditions for matches at a ground that can often the toughest place to play for opposition teams.


The club were formed in 1875 when they were simply known as Barrow Football Club, which was the case until the summer era when the club has undergone a number of name changes.

Nicknamed the Raiders after their merger with Carlisle, the club are famed for their mostly blue playing strip completed by a white v across their chest.

The club have enjoyed success at the national level including their inaugural Challenge Cup victory in the 1954-55 seaosn and they have also enjoyed a number of 2nd tier and 3rd tier championship titles.


After forming in 1875, the club first ever match was against the Royal Grammar School from Lancaster with the action taking place at Cavendish Park on Barrow Island which was the home of the town Cricket club at that time.

Some early matches also took place at the Parade Ground and in 1883 the decision was made for the club to create a permanent ground at Cavendish Park, with the first grand stand been erected in 1893.

Up until that point the club were a Rugby Union side before the decision to switch to Rugby League was made in 1897 when the club joined the second division of the Lancashire Senior Competition.

The club proved to be successful from the off and finished top of the table in their first year before losing a play-off of sorts against Morecambe to deny them promotion although that would come in 1900, when they defeated Tyldesley.

In 1914, the club had to move out of the town due to their ground be requisitioned for the war effort but the war period actually proved to be a successful one for the club as the naval importance of the town saw many people move there, including top players.

At the end of WW1, those stars moved away and the clubs form struggled and when combined with still playing on the outskirts of town, their attendances began to shrink alarmingly.

That led to the club looking for a new ground and in 1931 they moved to their current home of Craven Park.

That led to an upturn in form on the field for the club as their finances improved including reaching their first ever Lancashire County Cup final in a losing effort to Warrington and they also reached their first Challenge Cup final in a losing effort to Salford.

Unfortunately those improvement were short lived as the club stopped playing during WW2 and by the time of their resumption, many of their top players had retired.

It took until the 1950’s for success at the cub once again in a period known as the club heyday as the decade included 3 trips to Wembley including their first trophy win in 1955 when they defeated Cumbrian rival Workington Town at Wembley.

In that same year they also defeated a touring Kiwis side at home but aside from a Challenge Cup final loss to Leeds in 1957, things were to start on a downward trend for the club once more with their stars of the 50’s retiring and not been replaced.

By 1962, the club were relegated to the 2nd tier but by 1967, they were back at Wembley in another losing effort.

The 1970’s and 80s saw the club fluctuate between the top 2 divisions with their highlight been a Second Division title win in the 1983-84 season.

In the 1990’s, the sport in the UK underwent a number of changes including the move to been a summer sort and there was a plan for Whitehaven, Workington, Carlisle, and Barrow to merge to form a Cumbrian team but that failed to happen and Workington were chosen for the new Super League competition.

The club changed their name to the Barrow Braves at that time before they merged with Carlisle to become the Barrow Border Raiders in 1997 but under that name, the club struggled on and off of the field.

In 2002, the club changed their name once again by losing the Border part to become the Barrow Raiders and they soon picked up their first trophy in 2 decades when they won the national League Two title in 2004.

Since then, the club have enjoyed spells in the 2nd tier but have also played many seaosn in the 3rd tier.

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