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As the biggest sporting competition in Australia and one of the biggest in the world of either code of Rugby, the NRL has a huge following not just from the leagues heartlands of Queensland and New South Wales but from across the Asia-Pacific region and increasingly from across the globe.

That popularity leads to a huge amount of media outlets covering the competition, to varying degrees, and keeping up with all of them can be hard work.

The nature of Aussie media also means that you have to search through a lot of fluff, nonsense and outright lies to just get the news that is of interest to you but here at 13v13, we do all of the hard work for you and just bring you the latest NRL news from many sources in one place.

No matter if you are based in one of the sports heartlands of Sydney or Brisbane or in one of the successful expansion areas such as Melbourne or New Zealand or even if you are one of the growing NRL fans based around the world, you can now easily keep up to date with all of the latest National Rugby League news as and when it breaks.

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The competition is one that is constantly in the headlines, sometimes for positive reasons and sometimes for negative reasons, but no matter what type of breaking news from the NRL is happening or from what team it involved, we will bring it to you.

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If you have found us by searching for the latest news stories from today or if you just have a few spare moments are looking for the latest headlines, we bring you them in an easy to digest format that saves you time, save you effort and make sit easy to keep up to date with all of the NRL latest news from today.


The National Rugby League, most commonly known as the NRL, features clubs from up and down the eastern coastline of Australia, with the city of Sydney featuring the most clubs.

The competition is also home to the Warriors, based in the New Zealand capital city of Auckland and as the top flight competition in the Asia-Pacific region, many games are taken ‘on the road’ to rural areas, across the country to the west coast and throughout New Zealand.


The NRL is the top flight Rugby League club competition in Australia and New Zealand and acts as the head of a vast pyramid of leagues across Australia and with clubs from New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.

Whilst most of the clubs historically have come from the city of Sydney and from Brisbane, expansion has seen the emergence of clubs from Victoria, Canberra, across Queensland and across the Tasman Sea.


The league was established out of the burning embers of the disastrous Super League wars which saw a rival league started up by the media empire New Corporation to challenge the historic ARL competition.

Regional leagues in Australia had been running from 1908 but after the Super League era of the sport showed that a national competition could be successful and was the way forward, the National Rugby League was established in 1998.

The new competition featured some historic clubs, some of the newer breakaway clubs from the wars, some expansion clubs, and some merged sides in what was the biggest shake up of the sport down under since the formation of the code.

Nowadays, the sport has gone from strength to strength and features many of the best supported Rugby sides of either codes playing in front of huge crowds on a weekly basis and as you would expect, the finances of the league allows then to sign up the best players from across the globe and helps them to attract stars from other codes.

The biggest change to the leagues structure for quite some time came in 2022, when the decision for the first expansion of the NRL is around a decade was put in to action with a number of clubs and groups from across Australia and New Zealand bidding for a place in the sports leading club competition.

In the end it was the proposal put forward by the Redcliffe Dolphins, who are based to the north of the city of Brisbane in the state of Queensland, who were chosen to take their place in the NRL where they would simply be known as The Dolphins.

NRL News Headlines

Keeping up to date with all things NRL can be a time confusing enterprise for fans as there is so much news put out there by so many different outlets but the great news for all fans is that we here at 13v13 bring you all of the latest NRL news headlines from across the web and bring them to you in a quick and easy to digest method.

If any of the headlines that we bring you from news sources across the globe are of interest to you all that you need to do is follow the links provided for the full news story.

NRL News Update

If a news story has broken today, we will bring you the latest news update as soon as it happens to help keep you up to date with all thing NRL.

The league has developed a reputation for having just as much excitement off of the field as it does on it and whilst that maybe an exaggeration, it is true that there is a great deal of interest not just from local media but national media in Australia in all aspects of the competition, its clubs and every incredibly , its players.

No matter what type of news story you are looking to read regarding the competition, as soon as there is an update on it, we will bring you the latest updates and story as and when it breaks or changes.


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