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The Ireland national Rugby League side, known as the Irish Wolfhounds, represents both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and since the mid-1990’s, they have become one of the leading European countries.

The Irish national side feature a mixture of players from the British and Australian competitions who have Irish ancestry as well as Irish born players who have made it into the professional ranks or who ply their trade in the Irish domestic competition.

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Although the Wolfhounds don’t have a national stadium as such the majority of their matches to take place on the island of Ireland have taken pace at either the Carlisle Grounds in Bray and at Morton Stadium in Santry.


The Irish national Rugby League representative side are part of the European Rugby League federation, formally known as the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF).


The history of the modern-day Irish national side can be traced back to the great work of Brian Corrigan who developed the Dublin Blues Rugby League side that although was established as a way for Rugby Union players to keep fit during the summer, it would go on to spread the sport in the country and even to bring through stars of the sport such as Brian Carney.


The national side to represent Ireland was established in 1995 to take part in the 1995 Emerging Nations tournaments but it was a St Patrick’s Day match up against the USA at the famous RFK Stadium that was the Wolfhounds first ever match.

It proved to be a fantastic game and spectacle as Ireland ran out 22-24 winners in March 1995.

That was a good warm up for the Emerging Nations event that them face Moldova and Morocco in the group stage where they ran out relatively comfortable winners against both nations.

That saw the Irish make it through to the final where they would lose 6-22 to the Cook Islands with a squad made up of mostly domestic players.

In 1998 and 99, the Irish would take on the likes of France, Scotland and Wales in Triangular series and with their success at those events, they would qualify for the 2000 Rugby League World Cup and that would see them make their first appearance eon the global stage.

It would prove to be a successful step up as they would make it through the group stage before losing to England at the quarter-final stage.

Ireland faced Lebanon and Russia it a tough qualifying competition for the 2008 RLWC and they would only just scrape though on points difference, but they showed a big improved at the finals themselves as they faced a tough group featuring Tonga and Samoa.

After losing to Tonga, they defeated Samoa to make it through to the knockout stage on points difference, but they would once again exit at the quarter-final stage with a loss to Fiji.

That would see them gain automatic qualification to the 2013 RLWC but they would face an even tougher group featuring Australia, England and Fiji.

They would lose all their group stage matches including a heavy loss to Australia in a match they hosted at Thomond Park in Limerick.

In 2017, they would soon turn that around as they defeated Italy in their first group game but then they would lose to PNG before defeating Wales and exited at the first stage once again.

For the 2021 edition, held in 2022, Ireland faced a tough qualification process as they faced Scotland, France and Wales in the European Championship but after finishing third, they dropped into the play-offs and had to take on Italy and Spain.

They won both play offs and were placed in a group featuring New Zealand, Lebanon and Jamaica.

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