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Although St Helens are one of the world biggest Rugby League clubs and amongst the most successful sides out there, keeping up with all of the latest news regarding the club can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.

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As a club who continually battle it out over titles and trophies and who are capable of not only producing stars of the future but signing superstars from across the globe, it is no surprise that there are lots of breaking stories that come out of the club and when they do, they tend to well worth reading.

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For fans of a certain vintage, it is the clubs former home ground known as Knowsley Road that will always be their spiritual home but since 2012, the club have played at one of the best Rugby League specific stadiums in the northern hemisphere.

Upon opening, their new stadium was known as Langtree Park but changed its name to the Totally Wicked Stadium due to sponsorship reason but no matter what you known it as, Saints ground is the perfect size for a Super League side and features a mix of modern seating and terraces to help provide a great atmosphere worthy of a champion side.


Saints are based in the north west of England town of St Helens, close to the city of Liverpool in Merseyside.

This part of the sports heartlands also includes the likes of Widnes, Warrington, and the clubs arch rivals Wigan.


St Helens are one of the most famous Rugby League clubs in the world due in part to their iconic white playing strip that features a single red v on the front and of course the huge amount of success down the years.


Saints are one of the oldest Rugby League clubs in the world having been founded as St Helens Football Club on the 19th of November 1873, with their first game coming against Liverpool Royal Infirmary in January 1974.

The clubs original name didn’t last long as they soon changed to the name St Helens Rangers and they also moved stadiums early on from their City Ground stadium they shared with St Helens Recs to a new ground at Knowsley Road, which would of course become their home for well over a century.

The club were one of the 22 founding members of the breakaway Northern Union in 1895, with their first match of the new code been an 8-3 win against Rochdale where the club wore there then colours of blue and white vertical stripes.

The club did enjoy some early success at the regional level but in the main, they remained a lower to middle table side which wasn’t helped by the Recs also becoming a member of the Northern Union and creating 2 professional clubs in the town.

It took until 1932 for the clubs first success on the national scale when they won the First Division championship title to become the champions of England.

Further titles and trophies at that level didn’t come around until the 1950’s, including the clubs first Challenge Cup victory in 1956.

It was during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s when the club really established themselves as a top club as they won all that there was to win during this period and relatively consistently.

It was in 1961 when the club changed there playing strip to the white kit with a large red v that we all now instantly recognise as the Saints, that kit was first chosen for that years Challenge Cup final against arch-rivals Wigan.

The 1980’s was a down period for Saints with no national titles or cup wins, although they did win regional silverware and the John Players Trophy, but they soon bounced back with the sports move to the summer era.

During this period the club have remained at the very top of the sport and have won numerous Super League titles, League leaders Shields, Challenge Cup and they have also been declared the best club in the world by winning the World Club Challenge.

That was highlighted at the start of the 2023 season, when after winning their 4th straight title in the Super League, Saints went down under to take on the Penrith Panthers and became the first Super League side to win the WCC in Australia since 1994.

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