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The State of Origin series, which sees the Australian heavyweight s of the New South Wales Blues take on the Queensland Maroons in an annual best of 3 game series is one of Rugby League showcase occasions.

The contests pit the best of the NRL against each other as star names represent the states that gave them their big break in the sport

Although there is nothing but pride on the line in the contest, that is all that matter in a series such as this as the rivalry is one of the strongest in world sport.

The intrigue and interest in the matches mean that there is news about the Origin series all year around and the great news for fans is that it is now easier than ever to keep up to date with all of the latest State of Origin news as we bring it to you right here on this very page from sources across the globe.

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With all the action from the State of Origin series happening over a short period of time in the middle of the NRL season, it will come as no surprise that the news regarding the series breaks just as quickly as action out on the field.

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Throughout much of the series history, it was the 2 states that hosted all the matches with the Maroons home stadium been the iconic Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park) in Brisbane, whilst the Blues’ home ground is the huge Stadium Australia (Accor Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Homebush Stadium) in Sydney.

Over the years, a few other venues have hosted matches as the ‘home’ ground for both sides including the Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre (QSAC Stadium), Townsville Stadium and Robina Stadium for the Marrons and the Sydney Football Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) for the Blues.

In more recent times, each state has usually had 1 ‘home’ match with the odd game in the 3-match series going to the highest bidder and that has led to some incredible stadiums hosting a State of Origin match in front of packed terraces.

Several ‘on the road’ grounds have hosted matches on more than 1 occasion including the globally instantly recognisable Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which sees crowds of over 90,000 watch the action live in person.

The Docklands Stadium (also in Melbourne) and the modern Perth Stadium have also played host the action more than once.

Other stadiums to have played the neutral venue in the series includes the Olympic Park Stadium (Melbourne), the Veterans Memorial Stadium (Long Beach, California, USA) and the Adelaide Oval.


If you are new to the format, the State of Origin is a 3-match series between the 2 states in Australia that historically played the sport of Rugby League and produced many players to go on and represent the Australian Kangaroos national team.

Although the sport is now not only national in Australia but global, the rivalry has remained between the states and that can be seen every time the Origin series comes around.

The matches see the Blues take on the Maroons where the Blues represent the state of New South Wales, and the Maroons represent the state of Queensland.

It is the 2 major cities in those states, Sydney for New South Wales and Brisbane for Queensland, that host the action and that act as the centres for the competition.


The State of Origin is a 3-match series of matches played between representative sides for New South Wales and Queensland in Australia.


Although the State of Origin series itself was established in the 1980’s, the concept goes back much farther.

Almost from the beginning of the sport in Australia, an interstate competition between the states of New South Wales and Queensland has been played, but back then the players were simply picked from the state competitions they played in rather than where the players were born or where they played their junior rugby.

The first interstate competition took place at the Sydney Agricultural Ground in July 1908 but that was before Queensland’s state competition had even started so it was no surprise to see NSW run home 43-0 winners.

The interstate matches continued to be dominated by the New South Wales representative side until the mid-1950’s but from there on, the series were always keenly competed events until the 70’s.

That was because the New South Wales clubs had all of the money in the sport and that allowed them to sign all of the top quality players from Queensland, which under the old interstate rules meant they couldn’t represent there State.

That led to many players, administrators and the media calling for changes which, after some struggle and with lots of resistance from Sydney teams, the modern-day State of Origin format was proposed and implemented.

The 1980 interstate match played at Lang Park in Brisbane was given the name ‘State of Origin’ and attracted a full house and further experimental matches were played in the 1981 season and continued to prove a success.

That saw the full-time establishment of the State of Origin format that continues to enthral and excite to this very day.

The inaugural coemption took place in 1982 and saw the New South Wales Blues defeat the Queensland Maroons in the first match by 20 points to 16 but in the end, it was the Maroons that won the title and the series by 2 matches to 1.

It took until the 1985 series for NSW to pick up their first tile and in the 1986 season, they became the first state to win all 3 matches.

The 1987 season saw the usual 3 matches series played in Australia before an extra 4th match was played at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Long Beach, California.

The 1990’s saw the Blues start to dominate the series, with 6 wins in the decade but it was the 1999 edition that stood out.

The first 2 matches were incredibly close, with Queensland winning 9-8 at Lang Park and NSW winning 12-8 at Stadium Australia so it was no surprise to see the final match end all square at 10-10 to give the State of Origin series its first ever draw in history.

The early 2000’s saw NSW dominate but that ended abruptly in 2006, when Queensland started a winning run of 8 straight series and 11 wins in 12.

Since then, the event has remained competitive and remains the highlight of the sporting calendar in Australia.

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