Rugby League European Championship News

Rugby League European Championship News
The Rugby League European Championship is one of the most historic competition in the northern hemisphere for international test sides and whilst it has undergone a number of changes down the years, it remain an important part of the international calendar.

Acting as not just a important trophy in its own right, the tournament also acts as part of the qualification process for the Rugby League World Cup.

Despite all of that, it can be hugely frustrating for fans of international Rugby League to keep up to date with all the latest news from the Rugby League European Championship.

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The tournament is run by the European Federation and is open to all countries under the control of that Federation.

The action takes place across Europe and whilst it has been the traditional giants of England, France and Wales who have hosted the most matches, nowadays games take place in emerging hotbeds such as Serbia, Italy and Spain.


The tournament originated way back in 1935, when it was originally a tri-series style event between England, France and
Wales and whilst it has changed numerous times down the year, it now features two difference levels of competition.

The European nations are split in to European Championship A and B levels with the teams further split into groups.

Countries can be relegated to A to B if they finish bottom of their table and gain promotion by winning their league in B.


Upon its inauguration in 1935, the tournament started as an annual event between England, France and Wales and it was England who rang out the first ever winners, with France as runners up.

Wales picked up their first ever title the next season and the year after they would become the first country to defend the title.

In the 1938-39 edition, France would win their first tile and become the first non-British country to win.

After the second world war, the tournament was changed so that each country played home and away against the other but by the 1949-50 season, the tournament was each country paly against the others only once, although a new side was added in the form of ‘Other Nationalities’.

England would become the first nation to win 3 on the bounce with a run starting in the 1945-46 edition.

The 1952-53 edition would see the ‘Other Nationalities’ side pick up their first title.

In 1955, there was no Welsh team, although their players were picked for the ‘Other Nationalities’ side but that would be the last time the event took place before returning to the calendar in the 1969-70 season.

It would disappear again until 1975, with England, France and Wales revered back to the initial set up and with England picking up the title.

That would last until 1981, when the event disappeared once again before returning in 1995, when Wales picked up the title.

That would only last for 2 editions before it disappeared once more before it retuned in 2003 with new teams and a new set up.

Scotland, Ireland and Russia would also join the tournament and it would turn to a group structure for the first time and the competition would become known as the Nations Cup until 2009.

England would win the first 2 running’s of the newly named title, with France, then Wales also winning it.

In 2005, Georgia would qualify for the first time by beating Serbia and The Netherlands.

Between 2010-2014, the tournament would act as qualify for the winners to compete in the Four Nations before the event held in 2018, would see the tournament start to act as a qualifier for the Rugby League World Cup.

This era would also see a new name for the competition as it would be known as the European Cup.

In 2020, the European Federation added promotion and relegation to the tournament.

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