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The Samoan national Rugby League representative side are nicknamed Toa Samoa, the Samoan Warriors, and they certainty live up to that nickname as you can always expect Samoa to give 100% whenever they take to the field.

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Samoa are part of the Asia-Pacific Rugby League Confederation (APRLC) which is the governing body for the majority of southern hemisphere country.


Although they are now known simply as Samoa or by the nickname Toa Samoa, from their international debut in 1986 to 1997, the country was known as Western Samoa.

It was at Western Samoa that they made their debut as and that they would win a number of trophies as, but all of their records as Western Samoa have transferred to the Samoan national team.

On the global stage, the country have gone as both Western Samoa and Samoa at the Rugby League World Cup.


Western Samoa made their debut on the international stage way back in 1986 at that years Pacific Cup, when they would make it through to the final but would ultimately come up short against a New Zealand Māori representative side.

The countries first ever match took place in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands when they took on and defeated Tokelau by 34 points to 12.

The early days of Samoa owe a lot of thanks to William John ‘Swanny’ Stowers and his wife Lyndsay Stowers who not only ran the Samoan Rugby League, but they would mortgage their own home to get the funds to send a Samoan side to the 1990 Pacific Cup held in Tonga.

That commitment was rewarded as they would go onto win their first piece of silverware when they gain revenge over the NZ Māori in the final.

They would back that up with a win in the 1992 edition of the cup and that saw the interest in Rugby League in Samoan growth exponentially.

Those successful performances would see a number of Auckland based players represent the side and that would lead to them becoming a strong force in the international game.

They would struggle at the 1996 Pacific Cup but would once again win the trophy in 1998 thanks to new stars such as Francis Meli.

Western Samoa’s first ever Rugby League World Cup tournament came in 1995, when they would be in a tough group featuring France and Wales.

There first ever match saw them pull of huge shock win as they dominated France in a match played in Cardiff before they would come up just short against a quality Welsh side in Swansea.

Samoa would make their debut on the global stage at the 2000 RLWC when they would start with a loss to Ireland but with wins over the Aotearoa Māori and Scotland, they would make it through to the knockout stages at the first attempt.

Things didn’t go to well at that stage however as they would face the Australian Kangaroos and suffer a 66-10 loss.

In the qualifiers for the 2000 tournament, they would defeat the Cook Islands and Fiji, before losing to Tonga.

That would see them take on the USA and Lebanon and eventually they would make it through to the tournament proper.

At that event they would defeat Tonga in the group stage, but they would lose against Ireland and therefore not make it through to the knockout stage.

At the 2017 RLWC, they would lose to both New Zealand and Tonga but thanks to a draw against Scotland, they would still make it through to the quarterfinals, where they would once again meet and lose to the Australian Kangaroos.

Unfortunately, recent times have seen a struggle for the head coach position and between the administrators and players and that has impacted their on the field performances.

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