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The Wigan Warriors are one of the most historic and successful Rugby League clubs in the world who can also boast one of the largest fanbases in the sport but despite all of that, it can be difficult for fans to keep up to date with all that is happening at the club.

Fans of the Warriors will known just how difficult it can be to read all of the latest news regarding Wigan as whilst the biggest news stories will be carried by most outlets and some smaller ones will be covered by local media, it often takes a lot of time and effort to search out the majority of stories.

Thankfully there is now a simple way to get Wigan news headlines from across the globe all in the same place and that is by visiting this very page at 13v13. If you want more information about any of the stories on this page, simply follow the links below.

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With the club often making massive signings from across the globe or playing in the biggest matches in the sport, it is no surprise that there are often many breaking news stories that are of interest to not only their own fans but to fans of the sport in general and when those stories do break, we will bring them to you.

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For fans of a certain vintage, it will be the clubs former Central Park stadium that is the club spiritual home but since 1999 it has been the DW Stadium (formally the JJB Stadium) that has been home to the club.

The modern all seater stadium is one of the largest home grounds for a Super League club and that allows the Warriors to have some of the biggest attendances each season- especially in matches against St Helens when the big derby game sees a sell-out crowd.

The stadium has also played host to a number of international matches featuring Great Britian and England including matches at the Rugby League World Cup.


Wigan are located in the north west of England in the country of Greater Manchester which puts them in one of the most productive areas for both professional and amateur Rugby League clubs.

As an heartlands based side, the sport is hugely important to the town identity and history.


As one of the most successful clubs in the sports history, there is a lot that can be said to be iconic about the club including its famous Cherry and White vertically striped playing strip that has made them instantly recognisable whenever they take to the field.

The club were one of the founding members of the Northern union way back in 1895 which makes them one of the oldest Rugby League clubs in the world.


The club trace their history back to November 1972 as the Wigan Football Club by members of the Wigan Cricket Club, with the clubs first ground been Folly Field.

The club struggled in the early days to just put a team out on the field which led to many members of the nearby Upholland Football Club join their ranks and the club to Change their name to the Wigan and District Football Club.

Although that helped in the immediate, it didn’t last long as by the end of 1977, the club couldn’t fulfil there fixtures and the club disbanded.

In 1879, the club was re-formed as the Wigan Wasps Football Club and moved back to Folly Field but in 1881, they changed there name back to Wigan Football Club.

Things started to improve on the field and in 1883 the club one its first ever trophy, the Wigan Union Charity Cup and they started to sign some of the biggest stars of the sport during this era.

To do so, the club paid their players to offset lost wages but this left them in the crosshairs of the RFU with the suspension of Wigan, Leigh and Salford proving to be one of the major catalysts of the top northern clubs creating the breakaway code of the northern Union for which Wigan were one of the founding members.

In 1901, the club moved in with Wigan United and shared their Springfield Park home ground but just a year late they moved to Central Park, which would become their home ground for the best part of a century.

Their first match at Central Park was against Batley in September 1902 where around 9,000 fans saw them defeat Batley 14-8.

In the 1905-06 seaosn the club one their first ever cup competition when picked up the Lancashire County Cup and they would go onto to continue to enjoy success in regional competitions.

The club’s first big success on the national level came in 1090 when they one the league championship to become the champions of England for the first time.

Since then they have gone on to win the league at least once in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 80’s whilst they have also enjoyed winning the Challenge Cup in the 1920’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 80’s before the club would go onto become the most dominant side in the history of the sport in the late 80’s to mid-1990’s.

Before the summer era was brought in, the club would go onto win the League and Challenge Cup double in 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 1995 whilst they would win the Challenge Cup in 1985, 88 and 89.

During that time, the club would also go onto to win the World Club Challenge in 1987, 1991 and 1994 to become officially the best club in the world.

Heading into the new Super League, the club were struggling with mounting losses due to over-spending and they would change their name to the Wigan Warriors.

In the first ever Super League seaosn, the Warriors finished 2nd in the table but they would then go onto the become the first ever winners of the Super league Grand Final when they defeat the Leeds Rhinos in 1998.

Since then they have continued to enjoy lots of success including numerous League Leaders Shields, numerous Challenge Cups, numerous Super League titles and they won the 2017 World Club Challenge.

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