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The Newcastle Knights are a professional Rugby League based in the New South Wales city of Newcastle.

The club became the first team in 79 years to play in the NSWRFL after the former Newcastle Rebels left to form a separate competition based in the Newcastle region.

That helped to create a new hotbed of the sport in the Hunter Valley and that has helped the club to produce some of the stars of the game.

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The club play at the Newcastle International Sports Centre, although it is known to fans as a number of other names due to sponsorship reasons including the Hunter Stadium and the McDonald Jones Stadium.

The modern stadium features 2 large 3 tier all seater stands down both sides of the ground with feature modern corporate facilities and 2 smaller stands and grass areas behind each in goal area.

The blue and red seating matches the clubs colours to make it an easy to recognise ground whenever the Knights are playing and when full of 33,000 Novacastrians, it has one of the best atmospheres in the NRL.


The club are based in the city of Newcastle in the Australian state of New South Wales, which is a region known for its coal mining past to give it a link to the Northern England heartlands of the sport.

The city is around 100 miles north north east of Sydney, 60 miles north north east of Gosford and 500 miles south south west of Brisbane.


The Knights were formed to take advantage of the growing number of clubs and juniors in the Hunter Valley and to strengthen the nearby New South Wales Rugby League competition based in Sydney.

Although it took some time for them to form, after initial concerns about weakening the local competition, the club have gone onto be win both the ARL and the NRL and they have fulfilled their promise of developing stars of the game including the iconic and immortal Andrew Johns.


Newcastle joined the NSWRL in 1998 after initially declining admission in 1982, when Canberra took their place.

The team proved to be successful almost from the off and with a large fanbase backing them, they would reach the play-offs for the first time in 1990.

The club would win their first ever competition in 1991 when they won the Nissan Sevens and they would reach the play-off semi finals for the first time in 1995.

During the Super League wars, the club stayed loyal to the ARL, which led to the breakaway league creating a rival team call the Hunter Mariners.

Locals stuck by the Knights and at the end of the war, the Mariners disappeared.

That was arguably helped by the club enjoying their first major success during that period when they defeated the Manly Sea Eagles in the 97 Grand Final to win their first title.

In 1998, the Knights finished level on points with Brisbane at the top of the table but missed out on the Minor Premiership due to points differential.

In 2002, the same thing happened as they once again missed out the Minor Premiership by points differential with the Warriors picking up the silverware.

At least they had their success from the year before as they won their 2nd league title in the first ever night time Grand Final against Parramatta.

The following years saw the club struggle with injuries and with experienced stars having to retire but by 2006 they were back in the play-offs and they drew a new influx of fans from the other side of the world after signing Brian Carney- the Great British star winger.

2007 was a year of struggle after the retirement of Andrew Johns but by 2009, they were back in the play-offs.

The club would then find themselves in the mid table for a few years before starting a run of 3 straight bottom place finishes with wooden spoons in 2015, 16 and 17.

Newcastle Knights News Headlines

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