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Wakefield Trinity are one of the most historic Rugby League clubs in the world, a founding member of the Northern union and they are based in the middle of the sport northern English heartlands but despite all of that, finding all of the latest news stories about them can be a frustrating experience for fans.

Whilst that is often the case for Rugby League fans in general who are trying to find the latest news on the sport that they love, things can be even trickier for fans of the Dreadnoughts.

For most teams, the biggest news stories will be covered by the national media whilst all other stories will more than likely only feature in the local press but for Wakey, that can also be a problem with the district home to numerous professional cubs including the likes of Castleford and Featherstone.

Thankfully, it is now straightforward to keep up to date with all of the latest news headlines regarding Trinity and if you want the full story, all you need to do is follow the links below.

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The club have had a number of successes down the years but more recently, things have been a struggle but no matter the prospects on and off of the field for the club, one thing that has been constant is the amount of breaking news relating the club.

To easily keep up to date with things happening at Belle Vue, make sure you check back to this page regularly.

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If you have been at work all day, out and about with the family or away from the internet for any other reason but now you are wanting to keep up with the news coming out of the club, you are in the right place as we bring you todays new headlines regarding Wakefield from sources and outlets based around the globe.


Wakefield’s home ground has had a number of names down the years and even the most ardent fan can find it hard to keep up with the latest sponsor to put their name above the front door and that is why it is still known to most simply as Belle Vue.

The ground is one of the worst to host professional sport of any kind in the United Kingdom and has played a major part in holding the club back but it has provided many of the biggest news stories to come out of the club.

From brand new stadium to knocking down the current ground and from capacity restrictions for safety to stand upgrades and much more besides, it can be difficult to keep up with what is happening with the ground but as soon as the next news is released, you can read the headlines here at 13v13.


Wakey are located in the county of West Yorkshire, part of the sports heartland and also in one of the most crowded parts of the country for professional Rugby League teams with Wakefield, Leeds, Hunslet, Batley, Featherstone, Castleford, and Dewsbury all fighting it out over the same fanbases.


Wakefield are one of the founding members of the sport and one of the oldest Rugby clubs in existence who have had a fascinating history of success, failures, name changes and almost disappearing out of existence altogether.


Wakey were founded by members of the Holy Trinity Church way back in 1873 where they originally played matches on Heath Common, before moving to Manor Field and then onto Elm Street before settling in the Belle Vue district of the city to where they have remained ever since.

Wakefield joined the breakaway code of the sport in 1895 when the top northern clubs formed the Northern Union to improve the quality of the sport and to turn professional.

After leaving the RFU, the club bought the ground they were playing in to have a permanent base and they also started to enjoy success on the field including winning their first ever major silverware- the 1909 Challenge Cup.

Unfortunately the First World War impacted the club badly, as it did most clubs, and it would take until the 1960’s for the club to enjoy continued success as although they won a Yorkshire Cup in the mid 1920’s and 30’s and they enjoyed another Challenge Cup victory in 1946, it was the 60’s when the club became one of the biggest clubs in the country.

The 1960’s saw the club win 3 Challenge Cup’s (1960, 62 and 63) and they also picked up their first ever league titles when they won back to back Championships in 1967 and 68.

The 1970’s and 80 was a period of struggle for the club as they spent time in the top flight and the 2nd division with their hopes of success continually falling on signing former star players from the 60’s in as head coaches with little to no success on the back of that.

In the mid 1990’s, big changes to the sport came into effect with the formation of the Super League and the change to the ‘summer era’ of the game.

A number of mergers were proposed heading into the new era including Wakefield joining with city rivals Castleford and Featherstone to form a new Calder team but with fans of all teams against it, the merger failed to go through.

It was actually Wakefield out of the 3 who voted in favour of the merger but it was them who missed out on taking a place in the top 3 with themselves and Featherstone actually meeting just a few years later in the 1st Division Grand Final where it was Wakey who pipped their neighbours to promotion.

For their promotion, the club changed name to the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, which they kept until 2016 and whilst they have remained in the top flight ever since, things have been far from smooth sailing.

The club have continued to struggle in the top flight and have in most season had the smallest budget which as seen them solely try to avoid the wooden spoon and/or relegation.

Wakefield Trinity News Headlines

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