Rugby League Rumours

Rugby League Rumours
Although our main focus is on news and only bringing you confirmed news stories relating to the sport from reliable and/or official sources, there is another side to confirmed news and that is rumours and gossip.

Rugby League rumours are different to misinformation and made-up news stories as not only do they not pertain to be the truth, but they are also simply speculation.

Please keep that in mind when reading the following rumours and gossip on all aspects of Rugby League.

Rugby League Gossip

Although when most fans of the sport will likely associate rumours and gossip with player transfers and with head coach coming and going, a sport such as Rugby League has gossip regarding all aspects of it and when they are reported by legitimate outlets, we will bring them to you.

Rugby League Rumours

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Rugby League Rumours Today

If you have been out and about and away from the web or if you are looking for confirmation on a rumour you have heard in the office, down at the pub or at a game, this is the page for you.

Some rumours are broken by in the known reporters, some are spread by fans linked to payers or a staff at a club and some seemingly come out of nowhere and that is often what makes reading the latest rumours so interesting and entertaining for fans.

Make sure you are kept up to date with all of the latest rumours and gossip from the world of Rugby League that have broken today by visiting this very page often.

Those In The Know

The best rumours are the ones that have some, or best of all, lots of truth in them and those are the rumours that really grab our attention.

Most of the time, gossip is posted on social media or websites that don’t have the best track record and these are little more than a guess but the leading news outlets and Rugby League websites, such as the sources found on this very website, have people close to the clubs and players and have an inkling as to what is going to happen in the future.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everything stated in theses rumours and gossip will come true and there is always lots involved in things such as transfers and that often leads to last minute changes of mind, miscommunication and lots more besides.

The best way to view the rumours and gossip posted on this site from trusted sources are that they are an educated guess as to what will happen in the future or they are what those involved wants to happen but until something appears in our news section and is reported as fact, they remain rumours and gossip.

Unsubstantiated Rumours

On the flip side of that are unsubstantiated rumours which can often come from those in the know but have been put out into the media for reasons other than to break news.

A lot of the time, these sorts of rumours and gossip are put out there by agents or clubs who are wanting to force something to happen.

The classic type of these sort of rumours is an agent telling friendly media that another club is interesting in signing their players with the hopes of gaining leverage come contract negotiations or club owners saying that they are happy with the performances of an under fire head coach just before letting them go.

Pub Gossip

The last type of Rugby League rumour or Rugby League gossip is the fabled pub gossip which is the type of gossip that a couple of friends may come up with whilst shooting the breeze over a drink.

This is the type of gossip that nowadays features so prominently on social media sites and whilst that makes it instantly true for sadly a large percentage of the population, in truth, it means it is about as believable as you having a dream and shouting it out your bedroom window in the hopes that a neighbours hears and believes it.

That is not to say that there isn’t any sort of entertainment value attached to these sorts of rumours, but just don’t pass them on as fact!

Rumour Mill

All of that above sums up the Rugby League rumour mill and highlights just why so many fans are so interest in the latest gossip regarding the sport.

With so much happening around the globe, from the giant competition of the Super League and the NRL to major events such as the Rugby League World Cup and from growing competitions such as Elite 1 to start ups such as USARL, if a rumour breaks, we will bring it to you on this very page from sources based all around the world.

RL Gossip

Here at 13v13, we love the sport and not only have an interest in what our favourite club or our representative teams are doing but we have an interest in all aspects of the sport.

We therefore know just how difficult it can be for fans of the sport to keep up to date with everything RL related and that is why we started this very site.

We also know how difficult it can be to find the latest RL gossip or to confirm is any gossip we have heard has any truth to it or not but hopefully, this page will make that process very simply for you.

RL Rumours

If you are looking for the latest RL rumours, you are in the right place.

No longer do you need to scour the web and visit website after website or, even worse, head to social media and try to navigate all the nonsense to simply read any rumours that are of interest to you.

Here at 13v13, we not only do all of these searching for you to find the latest rumours, but we sort all of the that gossip and bring you only the stories that are worth reading.


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