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Workington Town are a professional Rugby League club based in the far north-west of the county of Cumbria.

After been established in 1945, the club have gone onto win the league title, the Challenge Cup, and a number of other titles whilst they also participated in the first ever seaosn of the Super League but despite that, it can be difficult for fans to find the latest news regarding the club.

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If you are a fan of Worky, you will know just how frustrating it can be to find the latest news regarding the club as even if you are based in the local area, only a selection of stories will be covered by local media.

For fans based further afield, it can be almost impossible to keep up with things as despite the success the club have enjoyed down the years and the importance of the club to the local community, they are often all but forgotten about in the media.

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The clubs home stadium is Derwent Park, a ground capable of hosting around 10,000 fans when full but one that offers poor views from most areas due to a Speedway track that runs around the outside of the pitch.

The stadium offers mostly uncovered terraces for fans with a ‘main’ stand featuring a small roof.


The club are based in the town of Workington, which is on the north-west Cumbrian coast and close to the Solway Firth that separated England from Scotland.

That region is a hotbed of the sport at the amateur level and that allows to club to bring through lots of local talent.


Worky Town were first established back in 1945 and soon become a club capable of challenging for offers as they became the champions of England and the Challenge Cup winners in the early part of the 1950’s but much of their existence has been played in the lower levels.

That has been the case for almost all of the summer era of the sport, although they did play in the inaugural Super League seaosn in 1996.


Town were formed in December 1944 when a number of directors at the towns football club met to discuss starting up a Rugby League club and the decision was made to go ahead.

Membership of the RFL was agreed in January 1945 and the club became the first team based in the historic county of Cumberland.

To start with, the club played out of Borough Park, the towns football ground, and played in green and red hoops.

Their first match was against Borough Rangers on Saturday 25th August 1945, with a crowd of just over 4,000 seeing them win 27-5 but things in their first year were not all plain sailing as they were humbled in the cup when they lost to the amateur Sharlston Rovers from Wakefield.

The next 15 years or so is seen as the golden era of the club as they would go onto win all that would be won at the time and they would regularly take on and defeat the biggest cubs in the sport.

The club hosted St Helens in the 1946-47 Challenge Cup where a record crowd of 20,403 packed out their stadium.

In 1951, the club would go on to become the champions of England by picking up their first ever league title after defeating Wigan in the semi-finals and Warrington in the Grand Final held at Maine Road.

The next seaosn would see the club head to Wembley to face Featherstone Rover sin the final of the Challenge Cup and in front of just over 72,000, Workington Town would pick up the trophy thanks to a 18-10 victory.

They would also make it to the 1954-55 final but they would lose against county rivals Barrow and after knowing nothing but success since forming an issue away from the field was brewing.

Bill Shankly, the manager of the towns football club was causing issues in the town over the ground sharing of Borough Park and that led to the club building a new stadium at Derwent Park.

Successful performances on the field continued at their new home with the club making it to both the Challenge Cup final and the Grand Final in 1958, but they would go on to lose both.

In 1962, the club won the Western Division and in 1965, the club record attendance of 17,741 was set at Derwent Park against Wigan.

Unfortunately for the club and the region, the 1970’s was a decade of decline for the club and they would drop down into the 2nd tier.

Towards the end of the decade, they did enjoy some success and after losing the Lancashire County Cup final in 1976, they would go onto defeat Wigan in the 1977 final.

The club would actually make it through to 4 straight finals but that just drew the attention of the bigger clubs and most of their top stars would be sold.

The 80’s would also see the club struggle and after becoming a yo-yo team between the top 2 tiers and before the end of the decade, they would drop into the 3rd tier.

The 1990’s started well for the club and they soon made it from the 3rd tier up to the top tier once again, which was perfect timing as the sport entered into the new ‘Summer Era’.

As was the case with so many clubs, it was proposed that Workington should merge with other local clubs to form a Cumbria side but that was rejected and in the end Workington were chosen for the new top flight any way.

It proved to be a false dawn for the club however as they would only win 2 matches, suffer relegation and head into the 2nd tier with huge debts.

In 2002 the club would drop back down into the 3rd tier and by 2003, the club only had 7 players registered.

A 2003 cup tie against the Leeds Rhinos help them to clear some of their debts but it took until the 2011 seaosn for them to reach it through to the Grand Final and until the 2021 season for them to gain promotion to the 2nd tier once again.

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