Midlands Hurricanes News

Midlands Hurricanes News
The Midlands Hurricanes are a professional rugby league team based in the city of Birmingham but who also have strong links to the nearby city of Coventry.

The club were founded in 1998 as the Coventry Bears, joined the professional ranks in 2015 and became the Midlands Hurricanes in 2022.

As a well established club, not too far from the sports heartlands, the club have managed to make the step up from the amateur ranks to the professional ranks almost seemingly, but they have struggled to grab the attention of the midlands media.

That can make it a frustrating experience for their fans to keep up to date with all things Midlands Hurricanes.

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The club have had a few different home grounds down the years including Coundon Road and the Butts Park Arena from when they were based in Coventry and the Portway Stadium and the Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham.

The clubs first ground was the Coundon Road Stadium in Coventry, which was an 9,000 capacity stadium that the club shared with the cities Union club, Coventry RFC.

When that stadium was sold for housing, the club moved to the new Butts Park Arena, which a 4,000 capacity stadium with one main grandstand.

The club stayed there from 2004 until 2021 and moved up from the amateur ranks to the professional ranks whilst playing there but in 2021, new owners would see the cub change name and location, with the Portway Stadium near Redditch becoming their new home.

The club would be on the move once more for the 2023 season when they moved to the warmup arena at the Alexandra Stadium.

The ground was home of the Birmingham Commonwealth games and the main stadium would become home of the club in 2024, giving them a modern stadium capable of hosting around 18,000 fans.


The club represent the whole of the Midlands but their current location is in England’s ‘second city’ of Birmingham.


The club’s past can be split into there time in the amateur ranks and in the professional ranks.

As an amateur side, the club enjoyed lots of success at both the regions and national level and on both the men’s and women’s game, and they also set up the Midlands 9s competition.

After stepping up to the professional ranks, the club have found it tougher to pick up silverware, but they have started to establish themselves as the leading professional rugby league club in the Midlands.

The club are always easy to recognise when they take to the field thanks to their mostly purple playing kit.


The club’s history can be traced back to 1998 when they were formed as the Coventry Bears by a group of university students based in and around the city.

The newly formed club would come to an agreement with the cities rugby union side to play out of their stadium and they would join the Rugy League Conference in 2000.

They would enjoy early success at that level and went the whole season undefeated until the play-offs but in 2001, they went one further and reached the Grand Final.

There continued rising success continued in 2002 when they would win the Grand Final itself against the Hemel Stags for their first major piece of silverware in the amateur ranks.

Unfortunately, that success would come at a cost as the club started to struggle away from the field and in 2005, the club would drop down to the Rugby League Conference Midlands Premier level, but that would allow them to re-group and the club would start to enjoy on the field success again.

In 2015, the club would make the step up to the professional ranks by joining the 3rd tier of the RFL pyramid.

In their first season, the club finished in 12th place but their steady improvement can be seen by the fact that there last season in Coventry, in 2021, they finished in 8th.

At the end of 2021, the club announced that they would rebrand to the Midlands Hurricanes, in hope of attracting fans from across the region instead of just from the city of Coventry and they also moved to the outskirts of Birmingham from Coventry.

Soon after, the club would start negotiations to move to Perry Barr, on the outskirts of Birmingham and to the Commonwealth Games home of Alexander Stadium.

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