Super League Magic Weekend News

Super League Magic Weekend News

The Super League Magic Weekend is an annual event that sees all Super League clubs head to the best stadiums in the UK to play a full round of matches.

Spread across 2 days of action, the event is famed for its festival atmosphere as fans from not only all Super League clubs but also fans of other teams and even non-rugby fans looking for a fun day out all mix together.

Down the years, there have been many memorable moments at the Magic Weekend but with all the action so condensed, it can be tough to keep up to date with all of the latest news from the event.

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The event has taken place at several different stadiums across Britain since first been played in 2007 at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

It has then moved to Murrayfield Stadium, the Etihad Stadium, St James Park and Anfield.


As the event has moved from stadium to stadium, it has, of course, also moved from location to location with Cardiff (Wales), Edinburgh (Scotland), Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool (all England) also hosting the event.


The Magic Weekend is billed of as a festival of Rugby League and that is exactly what is has become as fans of all clubs sit alongside each other to watch the stars of the competition go head-to-head.

Fans get to watch a minimum of 3 matches per day in some of the worlds biggest and best stadiums and of course all the action also goes out live on TV in Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.


The tournaments history can be traced back to the building of the new Wembley Stadium as between 2003 to 2005, the Challenge Cup final moved to the Millennium Stadium, now the Principality Stadium, in Wales.

That proved to be a big boost for the Welsh capitals city’s tourist board and after the cup final moved back to London, the Welsh Tourist Bord got together with the bosses of Super League to create a new event for the sport and the Magic Weekend concept was born.

The event was originally called Millennium Magic after the stadiums name and the first ever game saw Harlequins RL (London Broncos) defeat the Catalans Dragons.

The first moment of history came in the final seconds of the final match when the Leeds Rhinos defeated the Bradford Bulls by 42 points to 38 with a try on the hooter that should never have stood.

The 2008 edition also took place in Cardiff and saw a much bigger crowd as the concept proved to be popular from the off and that in part led to the Edinburgh tourist board bidding to host the event and in 2009, the Magic Weekend would move north to Murrayfield Stadium.

The 2010 edition also took place in the Scottish capital city, and it stood out for having a team held to 0 in both the first and last match of the event with Bradford losing 0-19 to Crusaders and Hull KR losing 0-54 to Saints.

The 2011 event saw it move to back to Cardiff and the event would become the season opener, but the next season would see the event move to Manchester and back to summer.

Moving closer to the sports heartlands proved an instant success as the event would set a new overall record attendance for a Magic Weekend.

The event would stay in Manchester for a few years and would go onto continue to be successful including the 2014 edition when a new record attendance was set despite the Hull derby match up taking place on the same day as the FA Cup final in football when Hull City made it to Wembley.

In 2015, the event moved to Newcastle and to St James Stadium, which has now gone on to be the favourite position for many fans due to the quality stadium and its city centre location.

The new location would have a instant impact on attendance as the edition would set a new 1 day record (40,871 on the Saturday) and an overall record 67,788- despite there been 1 fewer match than previous years.

The event stayed in Newcastle until 2018 and continued to post impressive attendance and give fans great action but the decision was made to move to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool for the 2019 edition.

That proved to be a huge mistake by the RFL as attendances plummeted due to the poor quality stadium, cramped seating and surroundings of the stadium.

Thankfully, it was soon decided to move back to Newcastle but with the 2020 event cancelled, it would be 2021 that saw the next event and the retune of bigger crowds.

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